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Few pests prompt such a visceral reaction of disgust as the Bed Bug. 这些小, blood-sucking parasites which feed on your blood as you sleep, are easily the most panic-inducing in the general public. That’s because Bed Bugs have no regard for the environment, cleanliness or economic status of your household. 简而言之,任何人都可能有床虱.

Bed bugs are notoriously hard to eliminate without the help of a professional exterminator. The good news is Black Diamond has established specifically prescribed treatment protocols proven to be the most effective at ending an infestation. No one in the industry has more experience, better methods or more effective means of dealing with Bed Bugs.

With our army of highly trained bed bug detecting K9s*, 根除专家, 和检查人员, 网上可靠买彩平台表演超过20场,每年为000只臭虫提供服务. We offer both heat and chemical treatments, as well as protective mattress encasements. 联系 us today for more information.




Our highly trained bed bug inspectors will conduct a thorough evaluation of your home to determine the presence and/or extent of bed bug infestation and an appropriate course of action. 不像大多数公司, our technicians are singularly dedicated to the art and science of bed bug elimination so you can be confident that you are in some of the best hands in the industry.


Internationally certified and are capable of sniffing out the slightest of bed bug infestations. If you are uncertain if you have bed bugs in your home, a K9 bed bug evaluation may be the best option for you.

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Black Diamond technicians will strategically employ only the best products available in the industry for eliminating and preventing bed bugs. This is a highly effective treatment option and comes with our bed bug elimination guarantee.


如果你选择热处理, technicians will use specialty equipment to strategically raise the temperature of your home to a level that is detrimental to bed bug survival. This treatment option is extremely effective and is also backed up by our bed bug elimination guarantee.


Mattress covers will not prevent bed bugs, but they will help in the process of ridding your home of these pests. The cover works by trapping the bugs inside so that they cannot bite you any longer, 而且没有一顿血餐, 他们最终会死去. Encasements also prevent more bed bugs from accessing your mattress, giving them less places to hide.



There are a number of ways to identify a bed bug infestation:

  • Live insect sighting: Adult bed bugs can be seen by the human eye. They measure from approximately 3/16 to ¼ inches, are oval-shaped, and are reddish brown in color. Young bugs or nymphs are small and whitish-yellow/translucent.
  • Blood spots or fecal waste: Bed bug feces can quickly stain affected surfaces such as mattresses, 表, 软垫家具, 等. It appears as small black dots or speckling. You may also see reddish-brown stains from smashed bugs or feeding spillage.
  • Skin casings: Using a magnifying glass, inspect mattress seams and cracks in your headboard, 等. 当臭虫生长时, they shed their skin and this small white/clear exoskeleton waste can be found bunched together in such locations.
  • Bed bug bites: It’s not just a goodnight saying. Bed bugs typically feed from humans at night. Look for red bite marks on your skin after you wake up in the morning. These bites can resemble those of a mosquito, but will usually occur in a three-bite pattern. Bites can be mostly painless but may begin to itch after a few days. It’s important to note that not everyone will have a reaction to bed bug bites. An absence of visible bite marks does not mean an absence of bed bugs or that they have not fed from you.
  • For a professional opinion and greater peace of mind, call Black Diamond at 877 -死- bug and we’ll come out and perform an inspection of your home/property to ensure you get the professional service you deserve.

我的房子很干净. 为什么我会有臭虫?

Bed bugs are nothing to be ashamed of and do not indicate a lack of cleanliness in your home or business. Bed Bugs are not the least bit interested in crumbs dropped behind the stove or cake left out on the counter overnight. They don’t care how clean or messy your home is, their primary concern is blood – yours.


臭虫是臭名昭著的旅行者. They and their eggs are often carried from place to place on clothing or through your luggage. You can pick them up anywhere: hotels, movie theaters, schools, 等. Even the most high-end hotels get bed bugs.


While named for their prevalence in/on and around the bed, bed bugs are also found in other areas of the home as well. 椅子, 躺椅, 沙发, 土耳其人, or any place a human may rest can be a potential hiding spot for bed bugs. 它们通常出现在接缝处, 沙发垫拉链, 防尘褶边或窗帘上的褶皱, 后面的插座, 在图画或艺术的背后, 在踢脚板和地板之间, 放在床头柜或梳妆台里.

*K9 team not available at all locations.